2017: Essentials2017: Essentials

2017 Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger: Essentials

©℗ 2 CD 2017 Timezone TZ 1267

Break / G'schteinigt / Music / Namenlos / Waves / In der Halle des Bergkönigs / Sommerabend / What About the Nose? / Free Man in 't Harde / Walzer / Genève / Veits Tanz / Emotions / Ball in Play / Colouring the Leaves / Röckchen / Mittags im Hotel (Bonus Track) / Birdland / Andreas / Der fliegende Teppich / Saurian / Flieger / Tronic / Osterspaziergang / Das Wesen des Wassers / Warum 12? / Fun Tango / Happy Hour / 5 vor 3/4 4 / The Other Sides / Annalisa / Seven Seas

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With this double CD an old dream of Ralf and myself came true. In the past there were some "Best-of" compilations that were put together rather carelessly, and without our permission for release. Now we were able to make our own choice. It was not so easy to decide which tracks to include, as we still fancy every note we once recorded, and each of our compositions means something quite special to us. Fortunately we did not have to exclude too many tracks because the capacity of two CDs allowed us to document almost all of our joint studio work. We completely left out the live LP "Live KID" from 1980 (with Wolfgang Dauner) - those recordings would soundwise get out of line too much. All of the tracks were carefully remastered by Hans-Jörg Maucksch.

You may order „Essentials“ via Timezone, Amazon, and the Kolbe-Illenberger website. You may also download the mp3 files at iTunes or Amazon. However, we would recommend the CD because it sounds so much better and it comes with an attractive and detailed booklet.