1991: Highlights1991: Highlights

1991 Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger: Highlights

Opening / G'schteinigt / Namenlos / Waves / Break / Sommerabend / Walzer / Veits Tanz / Emotions / Es wetterleuchtet / Colouring the Leaves / Happy Hour / Annalisa



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The title does not fulfil the expectations: This is a more or less careless succession of sections on former Mood Records productions without any sense of dramaturgy. A real fan would miss e.g. “Music” or “Free Man in 't Harde”. It is a pity that musicians have no or little influence on such things even if the company's logo says “A musician's production”. I hope there will be a “Best of Kolbe/Illenberger” one day that will live up to expectations.