1985: KID - Second Step1985: KID - Second Step

1985 Martin Kolbe, Ralf Illenberger, Wolfgang Dauner: KID - Second Step

Annalisa / Der Barbier / Hibrylmneomnid / Damals / Fun Tango / Zen tri Fuge / Wendekreis des Steinbocks / Echnatons Lullaby



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Meanwhile CDs and digital recording machines had come into existence and it became clear that this would be the future format of music. The Bauer studio in Ludwigsburg owned one of the first digital multitrack machines in Germany, so we decided to record another “KID” album together with Wolfgang Dauner. After a period of alienation when we left Mood Records, the label he was involved in, we eventually reconciled and occasionally appeared live as a trio.

The new technology was still quite expensive. This is the reason why Ralf and I had to waive our usual time-consuming sound crafting. There was not even time to doubletrack our guitars which means to play a track twice, as precisely as possible. This creates a rich and vibrating sound – a main ingredient of our typical sound. “Second Step” sounds crisp and clear, not very complex, reduced to the minimum and for my taste a bit poorer than our other recordings, if not necessarily worse. In addition to that I had to deal with the snobbish engineer. When I asked for a little reverb on my guitar, which sounded awfully dry in the headphones, I heard, “We don't want to fool ourselves, do we?” Well, this remark was neither helpful nor inspiring...