1977: Blue Moment1977: Blue Moment

1977 Martin Kolbe: Blue Moment

Frühling / I'm not Easy in my Mind / Séance / Here Comes the Sun / Bach / I'm Still Waiting / Blue Moment / Thommie und die roten Krawatten / Melbourne / The New Tune / Silk & Steel / 5-Pfennig-Blues / Regentag



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The 37 1/4 record did not really do well, so neither side was interested in prolonging the collaboration. Joining the Stockfisch label meant I had arrived at the home of the German acoustic guitar and folk scene of that time. Musicians like Werner Lämmerhirt, David Qualey, Klaus Weiland and Mike Silver produced here. The label owns a recording studio, so I was able to record without time pressure and you can hear that: the tracks sound much more relaxed than before.

Meanwhile my ambitions had expanded: high-speed fingerpicking was not the main goal anymore. Listening to this LP you can hear me searching for my own personal style; next to an instrumental version of the Beatles' “Here Comes the Sun” there are classical elements (“Bach”), impressionistic studies (“Regentag”), folk-style songs like “I'm not Easy in my Mind” and jazz-influenced pieces (“Blue Moment”). Here I used multitracking for the first time, however, not to the extent as later with Ralf Illenberger.

The recordings took place during my school holidays, just like my first tour throughout Germany later that year.

A little story behind “Blue Moment”: After the recordings when I was already back home , Stockfisch's sound engineer Günter Pauler called me up. He told me that singer/songwriter Mike Silver, who had been booked in the studio after me, had sung a choir on the chorusses of one of my songs. He played back the song via telephone and asked whether I liked it. I approved. Half a year later I finally met Mike in person when he played a gig in Stuttgart. This was the beginning of a wonderful, ongoing friendship.