1975: 37 1/41975: 37 1/4

1975 Martin Kolbe: 37 1/4

Mrs Robinson / Debakel im Tabernakel / The Letter / 2 Power Hits / Vogelzug / With a Little Help from my Friends / Mixed Pickles / Corrinna, Corrinna / John's Tune



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The unexpected success of the first album aroused the interest of a “real” record company. They wanted me to re-record the tunes of the first record in a professional recording studio. However, I did not want to repeat myself and preferred to release something new. We agreed on only two titles to be re-recorded, one of them of course the successful “Mrs Robinson”, the rest would be new material. The recordings for the first album had taken place without any time pressure; now every hour cost money and I wanted everything to sound as perfect as possible. The result was a rather inhibited but clean performance without the drive and the abandon of the first release. That is why I like this recording the least. Not even the title sounds inspired: “37 1/4” meaning just the length of the LP in minutes.