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Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger: "Best of"

Sheet music and tabs, 2 voices ("2 in 1" book), 74 and 60 pages, published by Peter Autschbach

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For years many guitar players had been waiting for a sheet music edition of the most important compositions of the legendary guitar duo Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger. Their unique and intense style has not lost its innovativeness and fascination over the years. Between 1977 and 1987 the “best German guitar duo” astonished its audiences in more than 1.000 concerts in 40 countries. With this “Best of” book you now can discover or rediscover a true guitar duo universe. Even if you do not have a duo partner you can benefit from this collection because many of the single parts of these pieces, which were printed exactly the way Martin and Ralf had played them, work on their own.

Content: Veits Tanz, G‘schteinigt, Free Man in 't Harde, Break, Walzer, Opening, Ball in Play, Music, Allemande, Genève, In der Halle des Bergkönigs, Sommerabend, Waves.

Excerpt of a review in AKUSTIK GITARRE magazine (Germany): “Peter Autschbach had been a fan of the guitar duo Kolbe/Illenberger for many years. He tediously transcribed this music – a must for actively playing fans”.

Complete Review (PDF, German)