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Is it art? Whether the images I am showing here are art lies in the eye of the beholder and I do not want to venture into any evaluation. I see it as a kind of creative sideline I pursue every other year. It is a self-invented hobby in a way.

I had discovered this technique in early years: I apply various colors and materials directly onto the glass of slide frames. Setting ignitable paint on fire or crashing the glass creates interesting effects.

Chance matters a lot when doing this and I like that. The actual creative process lies in a large part in separating trash from the useful.

Previously, I had often been annoyed by dust and fluff on the frames because if you magnify the picture every single dust particle becomes a disturbance. With modern techniques it is possible to scan the frames and process the pictures digitally. However, I want to intervene as little as possible and leave the accidental results wherever possible.

Some of these images resemble Rorschach inkblot tests. You can lose yourself in contemplation and see all kinds of interpretations. Have fun!