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Get Closer

Something’s going on right now
Don’t know exactly what it is
So many people around me turning round
Leave behind all these darkened years

Long years of waiting for a change to come
Maybe it’s the time right now
Where we’re step by step and day by day
Getting closer to the real way

I feel it in busy crowded streets or rooms
Probably I know now what it is
I feel it in every green tree I see
Soothing away all my tiny fears

Long years of waiting...

Even if again my doubts break through
Just illusions or is it really true?
I don't know at all what it’s like but strange
Anyway I'm looking forward to any change

Long years of waiting...

Wake up! Look around
It’s everywhere
Don’t care no longer
What it is
Just try to be here not there
Just try to be here not there
For here is where life is
For here is where you live

Long years of waiting...